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Casual hobbyist. (งツ)ว
Tons of old/backlogged art to post, 100+ strong, thanks to my posting anxiety. Sharing art doesn't come naturally to me but I'm trying to beat it.
On disabled comments: this is because I've been away, and because it helps me prioritize my time. They'll open back up soon enough!

[F2U] Progress Bar - Skull (3/4) by StarriiChan ongoing collab ▶ Ashtara
[F2U] Progress Bar - Skull (1/4) by StarriiChan trade ▶ Sysirauta
Bone Bullet 3 by Gasara always ongoing- Aman5 things


United States



The past year has been intensive but very productive!!
Just renovated and moved into our first house, and now I'm easing back into being active.
Updates soon! 👊

Ribbons and Bones

27 || SHE || IN-ISFJ || US ARMY

Hey buddy! Wanna arm wrestle? 💪 I'm Ribbs-- civilian support personnel for the DoD, at your service. I'm just a simple nerd livin' out in the cornfields with my husband and cat. I have many passions, particularly humanity and the sciences, and if you'd like you can learn more about me here.

INTERESTS: culture and history, science, logistics, animals, the military, weightlifting, outdoor sports, writing, worldbuilding, food, scifi and horror, fashion, etc etc



About Aman5

Aman5 is my personal project, a sci-fantasy taking place in the doomed Aman5 star system. It's composed of three linked stories-- Emalia, Fancy Clothes, and North--, with extensive worldbuilding and well over a decade of development. I'm very devoted to this series, but at the end of the day it's just a fun lil' hobby haha.
There is a lot of stuff yet to be shared publicly. For now, here are the basics:
Essentials: Raurana galaxy guide | the planets | more Amanpedias
Aman5 locals: rajayayu | Kuutamians | enki | humans
The story: characters | Emalia | Fancy Clothes | North

It's October!!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 1, 2016, 5:27 PM

BOOM. Halloween.

Happy October, everyone! Are you guys ready for skeletons and spooks? Shoulda seen me last night, I was practically dancing with excitement!

(and hittin' my head)

My August and September were very quiet. We took some time off to spend time with family, indulge in outdoor sports before summer's end, and truly relax. Work's been nice and uneventful. My health is a-ok, too. Tell you what, this new town is amazing, and it's the first time since leaving California that I actually feel at home. It's been really nice!

Here are some of the updates that stand out:
• We got a cat! Oh gosh, meet Little Man, a big, old tabby with an even bigger heart. Apparently his previous owner abandoned him, but luckily he walked into our life and he's been with us since! He's a grump but we love him. <3

• We are tentatively beginning to house hunt, which has been fun. We won't seriously look until 2017-2018, but for now we're sniffing around to get a feel for the real estate here. 

• Went to our first Midwest fair! My sister finally got to come visit us, then came with us to the fair which was a special and exciting experience. It's nice to have the feeling of family again, something I haven't felt since I was little. The fair was a blast! Though it did end a bit wildly... *ahem* ...

• So on the last night I was injured pretty badly. Who here's ridden the Zipper? On my third ride (I can't help myself), I ended up smashing my head when our cart flip-swooshed at just the wrong time. I blacked out for a moment, then collapsed again on the way home. Oh it was awful. Thinking I had a spinal injury, the EMTs air-lifted me to the hospital, where thankfully I only had a level three concussion. ;; This was two weeks ago. Now that I'm fully recovered I'm about to begin tackling these bills. The air ambulance bill is my biggest concern, as it brings with it a long, uphill legal battle. If I seem a bit scattered in the coming months, it's only because THIS is now a thing in my life!
Well I guess this is the month for scary things. Bahaha! But I can't complain, I have everything under control. I love where we are, and my favorite month is finally here. Life is good!


Eyyy, I was tagged by Nix-Tempesedo. Thanks buddy!
Name: Ribbontail online, Stephanie offline

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Average Hours of Sleep: Varies wildly

Lucky Number(s): I don't have one.

Last Thing Googled: Checking my spelling for... 주의하다! More Korean studies.

Favorite Fictional Character(s): DON'T GET ME STARTED. Tons, TONS! 

Current Attire: A comfy robe and night shirt. How's this fall weather eh?

When Did You Start This Account?: 2006

Number of Watchers: Enough for me!

What Do You Post?: A gourmet of stuff related to my Aman5 project, with a side of gifts, trades, and the rare fanart.

Other Blogs/Accounts: None, besides two current-unlaunched Tumblr blogs.

Do You Get a Lot of Comments?: My comments are often disabled. But I get some damn good feedback whenever I open comments, yeah!

Why Did You Choose This Username?: When I was younger, "Ribbontail" was a title of several major characters like NeoRibbontail, PuppetRibbontail, etc. I thought it sounded nice, and ribbons have special meaning to me, so I took the name for myself!


For my fellow Halloweeners out there, what is your ideal Halloween costume/persona?
Got a grim reaper here! I'd love a nice, high-quality costume someday. <3

  • Listening to: "Morning in America" by Blue Scholars


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Astral-Thunder Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for sharing your art with the world. Your art is the kind that inspires me to do better and just is gorgeous see. The effort you put into your work truly shows and know that it is very much appreciated. 💜
Ribbontail Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Aww, thanks so much Shaquavara! It's so kind of you, and is super encouraging as I regain my art & online mojo. :hug: Happy late birthday to you by the way, hope all's been well on your guys' end!
Astral-Thunder Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
You’re welcome. It’s nice to see you coming back. 
And thank you. While not all is well, I’m hoping it will be in time. 💜
Antivulano Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Hobbyist
How do you play Air Force Bingo?

Ribbontail Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018
Hahaha okay I admit, this was a good one! It gets a brrrt of approval. :lol:
Antivulano Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Hobbyist
I'm seriously kicking your ass with these puns and awful jokes though. GOTTA STEP YOUR GAME UP RIBBS
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
You wanna battle o' words you gotta battle o' words!! While cooking lunch just now I realized two words you cannot survive:

Drink Sriracha.
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Mochni Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Student Filmographer
I love and miss you ;-;
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
Love you and miss you too, Mochni! Hope 2017 ended well for ya and that 2018 has good things in store. :heart: I must remember to check your Twitter every now and then, haha. I've been focusing pretty heavily on some life things (just bought our first house, career changes, etc), but I'm always here if ya wanna drop me a line!
Creamcloudie Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice arts you got :0
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